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  • Written by: Rob

When your birthday swings back around it is, most likely, filled with joy, happiness, and the realisation that you are creeping ever closer to those grey hairs. However, for Jack, (who was turning 100!) it would have unfortunately been a lonely occasion. He had no family and his wife had sadly passed away.

Enter Graham Griffith from Melksham, Wiltshire. He regularly cut Jack’s hair at his hairdressers. During one of these trims, Jack had mentioned that his birthday was fast approaching and it would, indeed be, a lonelier occasion than previous birthdays.

Graham was having none of it. On July 10th he used Facebook to ask friends, family and members of the local community to give Jack a birthday he wouldn’t forget. Graham explained Jack’s story and the situation with his birthday and asked if anyone could bake him a cake and suggested if anyone wanted to send him a card, they could do so through Graham’s hairdressers.

The community response was incredible. A local resident, Ali Wilton, was quick to offer her cake baking skills, and the community sent almost 100 cards with a sprinkle of other little gifts (a £10 Greggs voucher was a major hit for Jack!) which all in all, brought a big smile to Jack’s face.

First of all, well played Graham. You used your Facebook following, client base and the popularity of your place of work, to generate an act of kindness that has transformed what would have been a lonely day, into a day full of love and good times for Jack.

Secondly, it’s amazing to see the response from Jack's local community who were largely complete strangers to Jack. Stories like this make our hearts melt. 

SOURCE: Huff Post