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  • Written by: Bobby

Most people have either been affected or know someone who has been affected by cancer. It’s a word that has the ability to send shivers down even the sturdiest of spines, but it’s always amazing to see so many people come together in solidarity to support those affected by the condition.

From the big stuff like Stand Up to Cancer or Race for Life, to the smaller stuff like a McMillan cake sale, every little bit helps and it’s a heart-warming occasion to see the determination to help those in need.

So when we came across this little story while reading North Wales Live, it left us with a big smile on our faces…

Bill Turner was diagnosed with gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs) last Christmas. Due to the nature of the condition, he can’t go through chemo or radiotherapy, so instead is on medication which means he can’t drive, and therefore unable to get himself to work.

Before his diagnosis, Bill was in the middle of renovating his front garden. He was unable to continue his work while on medication, but this is where the kindness really kicks in. His managing director, Peter Ryan, visited Bill to see how everything was going with his health and wellbeing. After learning about the state of the front garden, Peter decided he would start raising donations and the company would match them to pay for the materials required to finish the job.

At this point we love Peter, but it didn’t stop there. After that, he sent his staff on a ‘team building day’ to finish the front garden renovation. Incredible!

This quote sums this story up perfectly – “We just wanted to do something to help Bill at this time and we can’t wait to welcome him back.”


We wish Bill the speediest of recoveries and Peter and the rest of his team – has anyone told you that you’re all amazing? If not, here goes – you’re all absolutely amazing!

Source: North Wales Live