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  • Written by: Rob

You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to make someone beam with happiness.

Ryan King was out with his two friends having dinner at a restaurant in Rochdale, when they began having a friendly conversation with a family on the next table.

When the family finished their meal, and their time in the restaurant drew to a close, they told Ryan and his friends that it was lovely to meet them and they left the restaurant. When Ryan and his friends asked to pay for the bill, they were surprised to find out that their restaurant tab had been paid for by the kind family they were talking to.

This act of kindness was incredibly genuine because the family, not once, mentioned to Ryan and his two friends that they had picked up the tab. However, the real twist is this. Ryan King has cerebral palsy, rendering him wheelchair bound unable to walk or talk, and the friends are his carers (although I imagine they are still good friends of course!)

Ryan was fully aware of the generous kind gesture, as a picture posted on social media showed him beaming from ear-to-ear after hearing the news. Obviously it is impossible for someone without cerebral palsy to imagine what life is like to live with the condition, however, thinking about the judgemental society we live in today, we imagine interaction with the general public is somewhat low. This gesture cost £20 but it was the conversation that was priceless.

Source: Manchester Evening News