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  • Written by: Bobby

It's not often that when you start browsing the news that you'll find many cheery topics jump out at you. However, when the smallest, most beautiful little news stories pop up, it's a pleasant reminder that there are still plenty of amazing people out there in the world.

What was this small beautiful kind act you ask? A purple hand-knitted scarf and a note that read "I am not lost. Please take me if you need me.". That's all it took to brighten up someone's day! 

There are two parts to this kind act that struck a chord with me the most. The first is the fact that the person (or in this case a local Church) who did the act, won't get to witness the joy they've brought. Now you might be thinking that this is a sad fact, but it's quite the opposite...

This is a kind act done purely to spread a bit of love around. Not for the instant self-satisfaction of seeing your kind deed impact someone's life right before your eyes. 

The second is, this kind act was picked up by the local media, and it's a kind act that is quick and easy to replicate. This local Church might have just started a domino effect of kindness - and that is something truly special.


Source: Cambridgeshire Live