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  • Written by: Rob

Commuting. Rarely is it the enjoyable part of anyone’s day. It’s usually crowded, rushed and overall just a bit too stressful.

But commuters on the London Underground were greeted by kind hearted messages on the Service Information’ signs that read,

“You, yes you. The one reading this. You are beautiful, kind, sweet, amazing and simply the best at being you. Never forget that.”

First off, this is an act of kindness that is done without reward. The selfless nature of the individual who wrote the message didn’t want public fame or recognition, but only the personal feeling of accomplishment that they had cheered some strangers up.

Secondly, this message in most settings might not have the same positive effect. The person writing this message knew that commuting (especially in the busy underground!) is never a fun task, and so did an act of kindness in a place where people would need it most. Furthermore, they did it on the Service Information board, with many commuters passing by.

The extra thought that went into the placement of the kind deed is incredible. They have done something so simple, but done it in a way that will maximise its exposure, and spread as many smiles around as possible. The more smiles spread around the better!

Well done TfL! 

Source: The Mirror