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  • Written by: Rob

Sometimes you’ll turn on Radio One and become utterly confused - yet still entertained mind -  by the strange stories that are told. However, they do make the long drive home a little bit more interesting…

However, it’s not every day that on your drive home and hear that Example (the world-famous singer, songwriter and record producer) is going to buy a car for a fan. ‘How lovely!’ I hear you say. Wait until you hear how this came about - it’s still lovely…just a bit crazy.

So, Example is releasing his next record on digital download only. No CD releases at all. This decision does put those who own an older car in an awkward spot. If they don’t have an AUX input, they won’t be able to listen to his music in the car!

One fan spoke to Example and said he was in this very difficult situation with no AUX input. What did Example do? Decide to buy him a new car…as you do.

In an interview with Greg James on Radio One, Example explains that on the lead up to his album release in July 2018 he wanted to participate in some random acts of kindness. As a spur-of-the-moment thought, buying this chap a car was one of them. Seeing such a high-profile figure get involved with spreading a bit of love and kindness, is amazing. Plus, it only took a few minutes for Greg James to get involved and chuck in a year’s roadside assistance for the lucky chap receiving the free car.

Imagine how great it would be if more big celebrities got involved and started doing more random acts of kindness all over the place! It would only a few minutes for news outlets to put the spotlight on the kind acts and then random acts of kindness would become the norm. Spreading the love would become a daily occurrence!

Now, buying a car for a stranger is a little extreme, and not all of us have that sort of money to spend on luxurious gifts. That’s okay, we all have those pesky bills to pay! However, that doesn’t mean the smaller gestures are not any less important! Doing something as simple as paying for the coffee for the person behind you or saying thank you to your postie, will bring a smile to their faces and help brighten up their days!

If you’d like to listen to this story on the radio, follow this link:
Fast-forward to 1:13:00ish and enjoy!