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  • Written by: Rob

Every now and then you’ll hear a kind deed story that will make you think about the world drastically different. Deeds like this are rare, and very special!

Valentine’s Day is a huge day in the calendar for every bar and restaurant up and down the county. It is always a very 'profitable' date and the hospitality industry do very well. 

But rather than hog all the profits, one pub owner, Nick Gibson, owner of the Barnsbury Street pub in London has been donating 100% of the earnings received on this special night, to Refuge - the domestic violence charity. 

Nick said: “On Valentine’s, we take those who we love and care about for dinner. But it’s important to remember those being treated badly at home.”

This pub has recently been added to the prestigious national Top 50 Gastropub list and is currently the highest in London, so you can expect their donation every year to be quite a substantial one.

We salute you Nick! 

Source: Islington Gazette