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  • Written by: Kelly

"Kindness is everywhere. But Christmas can be magical" 

Abigail Crewe, from Shupley in Yorkshire was in Asda with her sister and four-month-old daughter. An elderly gentleman, full of love and good spirit started to ‘make a fuss’ over the little girl.  

Abigail and her sister made polite conversation with the gentleman but it’s the gesture he made next that is truly amazing.

They walked further down the Christmas aisle where he insisted he bought a Disney teddy for the little girl.  The mans wife had passed away 18 months prior, and he had no one to buy a present for at Christmas, which was fast approaching at the time.

The truly amazing thing about this story is that the mother stated that “This man made my day and it will be a Christmas story I will tell to my little girl every year when she asks what Christmas is all about.” This means that they will re-live this kind story multiple times for many years to come, and most likely will share it with friends and family, further sharing the love and good spirit!

When posted on social media, it was flooded with comments from strangers asking for the identity of the gentlemen so they could repay him for his kind gesture. The fact this gentleman had no one to spend Christmas with, but was still so full of joy and love, is nothing but heart-warming.

We hope the unknown gentleman had a wonderful Christmas and whoever you are, we salute you sir!

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