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  • Written by: Kelly

A haircut can make you feel special. We should all #dosomethingfornothing

When you have a skill set that you have been practicing all of your life, for hours every single day, it most likely means you’re pretty good at it.

Josh Coombe, a hairdresser from Exeter saw an opportunity to help. He decided to head out and start giving free haircuts to the homeless.

Now you might be thinking, ‘that isn’t much from a professional hairdresser!’ However, a haircut is much more than just having your haircut. It’s a physical and psychological image change. It’s a confidence boost. It’s something that doesn’t make them invisible to the world because although a lot of us might like to think we don’t judge people at first glance, we do.

What is great about this gesture is it’s doing something that he loves, while spreading some love. Just him going out with his haircutting kit and spending some time with those people who needed it. It does make you think; what skills do I have that I can share in a similar way?

What’s more is that Josh didn’t want the whole story to be centered around him. Modest lad ain’t he! He created the hashtag #DoSomethingForNothing. An initiative that encourages and inspires other people to do great things while also bringing members of the community together.

If you didn’t think this guy was a saint before, he has also collaborated with Jade Stratt, a veterinarian who runs Street Vet, a service that sends vets to the streets to help homeless dogs.

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