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  • Written by: Rob

Being a single parent is difficult. Ask any parent and they’ll most likely tell you that even when there are two grown adults looking after a child, it’s still hard work! Even if you are not a parent reading this, you’ve most likely seen in public, or on TV, the amount of work, stress and long nights, streams of snot and crying episodes parents have to manage.

So when you have a lone parent with two children on an airplane, which is an environment that can be uncomfortable and unsettling even for a grown adult, you can expect tears. A lot of tears.

Kesha Shonet, a mum to a three-year-old, and four-year-old, boarded a busy airplane (traveling without her kids) and noticed that another mother was struggling with her two crying children.

Other passengers sighed and complained about the mothers ‘discipline techniques’ with one passenger going so far as to grab the young child’s legs behind them, in an effort to stop them kicking their chair.

Keshsa got up out of her seat and walked over to the mother and asked if she could help. The mother handed Kesha her baby. When back in her own seat,  the little fella fell asleep, very quickly, in Kesha’s lap.

A simple act of selflessness saved that struggling mother from hours of stress. Thanks to Kesha showing some empathy, stepping in and helping, she taught everyone on that airplane, and on social media, that an act kindness can be as simple as cutting out the noise and giving someone a hug, a shoulder to rest on, or a lap for an adorable baby to fall asleep on.  

SOURCE: Huff Post