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  • Written by: Bobby

When tragedy strikes, it’s a difficult time to see the light in the world. When something so awful takes place, you might find yourself questioning the good in humanity. But that’s when you come across a news story that instantly lifts you up and stops you questioning the goodness in each and every one of us.

Andrew Graystone, a 57-year-old Christian part of his local church in Levenshulme, Greater Manchester, heard the news of 49 people killed and another 50 injured following the Christchurch shooting in last month. His reaction to this tragic event was beautiful…

“We can respond to these things with either fear or with friendship so I thought I would go to my local mosque and make it clear I saw the people there as friends”.

Andrew stood outside his local mosque holding a sign that said “You are my friends. I will keep watch while you pray”. His smile and warmth resulted in smiles, shaking of hands and attendees of the mosques giving him some chicken biryani as a way of saying thank you. So in the words of Andrew Graystone, “that’s a win all round”.


Source: Metro News