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  • Written by: Rob

Not every kind deed needs to be complicated and take hours. Some of them can take a matter of minutes yet create a big’ol lot of happiness. These sort of deeds never really attract the media spotlight, but occasionally we hear about them, and it never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

Some people carry out a good deed without reward or recognition in mind. They are not looking for a thank you.

It was just a normal day for Chris Topin when he was in Waterstones in Liverpool city centre. When looking through the books on the shelves he found a £5 note with a little letter attached to it. It read:

“Hi, if you are finding this money then know the universe is smiling on you today. Enjoy a cuppa on me or pass it along to give another smile to someone else. Have a great day!”

To write this note, it probably took the mystery stranger a couple of minutes. Yet this small act gave Chris “a smile that lasted all day”. That is incredible.

It’s always a good thing to remember that people can often have those days where everything is going wrong. Yet it’s the tiny kind gestures like this £5 stranger that perk us up, help us lift our heads, and crack on with the rest of the day with a smile. 

Source: The Metro