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  • Written by: Daisy

COVID-19 has helped to create kindness movements across the globe including this movement started by four Yeshiva University business students, Maia Dori, Tali Goldman, Atara Rolnick, and Pamela Abraham.

'Kindness from a Distance' aims to spread kindness and positivity during these difficult times. They have set up a dedicated Instagram account with one goal in mind - to spread as much positivity and kindness during this time of isolation as possible.

They want to spread positivity by doing small acts of kindness for others, in order to bring people closer together during this time when we are all apart.

They started a hashtag #kindnessfromadistance to encourage people to post their acts of kindness and spread ideas for kind things we can all do in our own homes.

This Instagram page has quickly blossomed into a kindness community filled with engaging conversations and cheerful daily stories filled with inspiring quotes.

Here are some ideas for kind acts you could do from a distance as featured on their account...

Make masks at home for those who need them.

Send letters to your friends or to those who are sick.

Put a positive sign up in your front yard/ garden.