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  • Written by: Bobby

You've probably heard of Jake Humphrey before. He has been all over TV for many years. From CBBC, The One Show to now being a BT Sport Presenter, it's hard to not know who this guy is.

Not only is he great presenter though...he's an amazing person as well...

While watching the FA Cup semi-final (between Watford and Wolverhampton if you're interested in knowing), Jake spotted one particular jumper while up in the presenting position. 

Ross Coniam set up a GoFrundMe page in December to raise money for the various charities that helped him and his family after the loss of his baby girl, Norah, who tragically died just 9 hours and 56 minutes after being born. 

Ross has decided to attempt 9 gruelling physical challenges in 2019 in memory of Norah Faith - #Nine4Norah.

During the FA Cup semi-final, Ross wore his GoFundMe jumper and Jake saw it and began looking into the story behind it. Soon after he sent out a series of tweets which he said that he "found myself shedding a little tear". 

With Mr Humphrey's massive social media following, his tweets gained massive traction and soon managed to raise £27,000 for Ross's cause. Considering that the original goal was £6,000, this is a massive achievement!

Stories like this are simply beautiful to see. The smallest gesture as sending out a couple of tweets will change an incredible amount of lives. Truly incredible!


Source: Metro News