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  • Written by: Jo

Have you ever thought of making a difference to someone you will never meet and who has never met you?

Ruth Clark’s day was made when she discovered a generous act of kindness left waiting at her local bus stop, en route to work.

A beautiful bunch of flowers with an attached note had been anonymously placed at the bus stop in Hackney, purely with the purpose of brightening the recipient’s day.

Ruth, who had previously been involved in a biking accident just metres from the bus stop, had already seen the generosity of the local people who had come to her aid following the collision, offering blankets, pillows and even staying by her side in hospital for hours until her family arrived.

The note attached to the flowers detailed that these had been left as a gift, purely to remind people that they are ‘valued and extraordinary’. Well we say to the person that left the flowers and assisted Ruth in her time of need, you are all EXTRAordinary too!

Source: Huff Post