Tracking your food and eating habits for a week could help you to identify any deficiencies in food groups and track daily calorie intake. This can, in turn, help you to make changes and adaptations to food to meet all food and nutritional requirements and lose any weight if you need to. Since 2001, NHS England has been able to save £1.5 million simply through people reducing the amount of salt in their diet, so imagine what could be saved if you’re able to make other changes towards a healthier diet!


We are unable to provide an exact cost benefit to society for completing this act but I hope you will agree that completing this act is priceless. If you have any information that can help us calculate a cost-benefit, please get in touch.

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Keep a food diary for 2 weeks

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  • Cost benefit to society: Priceless
  • Time to complete: 332 hours
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