Have you ever wanted to be an actual superhero? Did you ever sit in your classroom at school thinking about how you would save everyone if the school was attacked by a bunch of bad guys? Then how the whole school would cheer your name until you woke up...

Well, you could actually save a life. Multiple in fact. Signing up for the organ donation is one of the most selfless things you could do. You are literally giving a part of you to someone else to help them. Amazing! 

Although not the entire world will be cheering your name, you could get to meet a person who will be cheering your name for the rest of their life. The person you saved of course. 

Plus you get an awesome organ donor card. Who doesn't like a cool card in their wallet!?

Cost-benefit to society

There are lots of different organ donations, but we've looked at kidney donations as humans can still function as a fit and healthy adult with only one kidney.

The cost of renal failure to the NHS is expensive. Treating a patient on dialysis over a three year period costs £92,400. If a patient receives a kidney, the cost of care (along with the new kidney) costs the NHS only £27,000 over the same period. That's a saving of £65,400 if you donate a kidney to someone in need!

Source: NICE

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Sign up to the organ donor register

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  • Cost benefit to society: £65,400
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